AR-VO Vault Door


Our NEW Out-swing Vault Doors are constructed with the same strength and rugged independence that America was built upon.



Introducing American Rebel’s NEW Out-swing Vault Door.  When you need something more than a safe, vault rooms can be the ideal solution for security and protection.  Whether it’s a safe room, a shelter, or a place to consolidate your valuable property, our American Rebel Out-swing Doors add the critical functionality to an amazing vault room.

Our new Vault Doors are constructed in America.  Homes with vault rooms increase in value by 3.5% and return 84% of the original investment.


Fire-Rating  Fire Rating: 1200º F 75-Minute Fire Rating (only if the room meets this standard)

Chrome deluxe 5-point handle   Exclusive: Five-Spoke Custom Handle

Lifetime Warranty  Warranty: Lifetime



• 4 1/2″ Thick Double Plate Steel Doors
• 1/4″ Steel Plate Outer Door
• 1/4″ Steel Plate Door Frame
• 12 Gauge Steel Wall Plate Inner Door
• 1 1/2″-Diameter Door Bolts
• 21 Four-Way Active Boltworks
• 2 layers of 5/8″ Type X Fire Insulation
• Standard Electronic Lock


Additional information

Weight 820 lbs
Dimensions 44.25 × 85 in



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