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Freedom CCW Small Plus Backpack


Our American Rebel Freedom CCW Small Plus Backpack features the exclusive “Protection Pocket” for easy and quick access to your handgun when needed.  Our one strap backpack is perfect for everyday use.

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Ripstop: Water-Resistant Fabric                   YKK Zippers: Branded Pull Tabs

Ripstop Fabric                           Freedom Backpack YKK Zippers

UTX: Branded Clips                                           Magazines: Gun Accessories

Freedom Backpack UTX Branded Clips                           

CCW (Concealed Carry) Compartment

Proprietary Protection Pocket: For easy and quick access to your handgun

Storage Space

The Freedom CCW Small Plus Backpack is perfect for people that rely on their phone or tablet for communication. The “Proprietary Protection Pocket” contains a holster that attaches to the interior with hook and loop material. Pockets are lined with a soft fleece material to keep your tablet safe from scratches.  Glasses case and accessories are also included.

One Year Warranty Warranty: One Year from the date of purchasing the Freedom CCW Small Plus Backpack.

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Additional information

Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 9 × 17 in




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  1. Steve

    The perfect size! I take it to Worlds of Fun every time I go. The one strap makes it comfortable and holds everything I need.

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